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System Performance

14 systems & 58 organ points tested for reactive performance & function. Continued exposure to sensitivities will further deplete performance.


Food Sensitivities

350+ foods tested. Provides detailed list of inflammatory triggers & intolerances.



Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Fatty Acids, Amino Acid deficiencies. Lists ways to increase naturally with nutrients found in foods.



30 Hormones. Discover imbalances that will be directly or indirectly addressed through remedies tested.



10K Bacteria, Chemicals, Metals, Molds, Parasites,& Viruses tested. Current exposure or lasting effects,these should be cleared with remedies.


Natural Remedies

Tested against 2,000 herbs, homeopathics &/or supplements to address issues as efficiently andsafely as your body can handle. Dosages included.


Full Report

Digital copy of full results 2-3 weeks after lab receives samples. Easy to follow & understand for lasting implementation.

  • Sales Tax

    Sales tax will be added to NE residents & where applicable by law.

  • Shipping

    All BioCODE scans ship free! Please allow up to 72 hours to process & receive tracking.

  • Doctor Review

    *The cost does NOT include a doctor's review of your history &/or direct follow-up of your specific results.  Results are designed for easy understanding of the issues and lifestyle implementation and healing.

    **A consultation with a BioCODE doctor is available for scheduling after reviewing your results if additional insight or help is desired.  These 20 minute appointments are $100.  Specific support via your referring provider may also be available (their fees are available by contacting their office).

  • Return Policy

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  • Terms Of Service

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