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BioCODE Scans vs Functional Med

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

BioCODE Scans

BioCODE scans & remedies make achieving and sustaining health easier and more effective. Finding the root cause is misleading in functional medicine because it is often not correctly identified or addressed fully. BioCODE scans give individuals a picture of what gaps exist and how each interacts with the other. allowing them to achieve and maintain healing progress.

No other test is more comprehensive and available at an affordable price. BioCODE testing offers validation when even complex problems have seemed "unsolvable." The bioresonance scanning allows for healing to follow the body's lead and needs which makes it very effective with sustainable results/progress.

Individual choices. Custom healing. Every decision you make is moving you closer or further from health. Visiting a medical doctor fits a pathogenic model; one that is aiming to fix symptoms of an already broken system or ‘preventing’ disease by (truly only) catching it early in most cases. A salutogenic model aims to put an individual in charge of supporting their health by staying in alignment with choices that support well-being.

How BioCODE Scans Work

Bioresonance is an effective way of complex evaluation of your body systems by detecting how the frequency at a cellular level. Traditional medicine often misses functional disorders and psychosomatic disorders. Bioresonance scans aid in evidence of negative influences from internal & external stress. This can be used as a marker of body weakness/susceptibility as well as future risk of dis-ease development both physiologically and functionally.

BioCODE scans have proven effective for chronic disorders/labels and have even revealed hidden issues before symptoms presented. Often validation is gained by individuals beyond physical issues; they reveal spritual, emotional, biochemical issues too! Remedy programs allow for the added benefits: efficiencient & individualized programs that prioritize healing order.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine can be great for those who have not been validated by traditional medical doctors as well as though looking for more natural options. The problem is that more testing and advanced testing do not guarantee healing; the results provide more info about what symptoms are there but fail often to connect why AND what to do about it. Blood tests at a functional medicine doctor will not be abnormal if they've been normal at a primary physician's office. Read about bloodwork HERE. Protocols are often implemented for symptoms and conditions; THIS is why functional medicine falls short in results and is often a trap to only keep symptoms at bay while being (perfectly) restrictive with diet and dependent on costly supplements. Dr. Megan Ellwanger who leads BioCODE is trained in functional medicine and applied kinesiology. Yet, she refuses to offer the same means and methods that keep people trapped and often require large investments topping $6-8k in 6 months time.

BioCODE testing provides simple solutions for even complex problems. It provides validation many other advanced tests lack. If you're ready to level up your life, BioCODE scans are and effective and affordable way to make healing possible.

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