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Food Sensitivity vs Food Allergy Tests

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivities will change over time with healing. Food sensitivities may not cause acute reactions but present days and weeks later; this makes the connection hard to conclude between the trigger and the symptom. They exist because of brain imbalances, gut issues, or they are feeding toxins which create biproducts/waste that lead to symptoms. They also provide many clues to health issues.

Toxins & infectious triggers feed off foods; their waste products add to inflammation and symptoms. Therefore, food sensitivity knowledge and removal are as important as "detoxing" the toxin and infectious trigger. Most will implement dietary restrictions or do gentle to harsh detoxes of heavy metals, molds, and more while not having concrete knowledge of need or implications of doing so. Both are necessary to clear the toxin and remove the food sensitivity long-term.

Blood tests do a poor job of food sensitivity identification as they are looking for IgE antibodies (which are considered food allergies).

Food Allergies

Food allergies are an immune reaction to the specific food. A positive test result does not always indicate a reaction will occur to a food when it’s eaten. A negative test can rule out a food allergy, however. The severity of reaction to a specific food cannot be predicted. Some people with a positive food allergy have no acute symptoms when they eat that food.

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